MAC Macnificent Me! Collection: My Picks and Swatches

Hello! Today I wanted to share some  items I recently picked from MAC’s MACnificent Me! collection, along with some comparison swatches from other MAC x 9 palettes I currently have in rotation. The MACnificent Me! collection features  their fall color collection which was inspired by  individuals that are the epitome of style, heart and soul according to MAC’s website. The items I purchased were the MACnificent Me Eyeshadow x 9 Palette ( $40)  and the Sculpt and Shape Powder in Lightsweep/Shadester ($26 ). Both items are limited edition. I purchased these items last week at a MAC Pro retail location while I was picking up  MAC’s Guo Pei Collection, reviewed here. I was able to apply my MAC Pro Card towards this purchase and I am very pleased with the items I picked up. Kindly scroll for more details and swatches.

Here’s a comparison of the three MAC x 9 Palettes that I own. Each palette contains nine complementary shadows that are well edited versions of their larger size counterparts. The assortment of colors in each palette are delightfully beautiful and contain a mix of matte, satin and frosty shades.  Overall, they are pigmented, easy to blend and perform well throughout the day. You can create looks that take you from day to evening. In addition, they are super cute, compact and great for travel. 

MACNIFICENT ME! Eyeshadow X 9 Palette

  Top Row: MACnificent Me! (F) , Quiet Type (F), Dance in the Dark (M) 

  Middle  Row: Fabulous DNA (F), Pleasing to the Eye (M), Sable (F)

  Bottom Row: Frankly Frosty (M), In my Element (L) Cool Complement (M)


Burgundy X 9  Eyeshadow Palette

Top Row: Honey Lust (L) , Poppyseed (S), Quarry  (M) 

 Middle  Row: Antiqued (VXP), Embark (M),  #Noir  (V)

Bottom Row: Haux (S), Star Violet  (VXP) , Sketch  (V)


Purple X 9  Eyeshadow Palette

Top Row: Sweet Lust (L), Poignant (S), Lightly Sugared (F)

Middle Row: Mancatcher (F), Satellite Dreams (VXP) Bon Huit (M)

Bottom Row: After Dusk (VXP), Beauty Marked (V), Shadowy Lady (M)


SCULPT and SHAPE POWDER (Lightsweep & Shadester)

I am beyond thrilled that this item was re-released. This was one item that I purchased years ago before contouring stormed the mainstream. I purchased two of them because they are limited edition and I may go back for another. The  duo features two shades:

 Shadester:  A powder that sculpts contours into the face, enhancing natural bone structure. Color: Mid tone leathery brown 

 Lightsweep: A micro-fine powder that accents and emphasizes the high planes of the face. Color: Warm beige with fine pearl 

You can find a full review on these two items here. 

Here's a comparison of my full size MAC palette to the more compact MACnificent Me! Eyeshadow x 9 palette. 
Here’s a comparison of my full size MAC palette to the more compact MACnificent Me! Eyeshadow x 9 palette. 

Thank you for stopping by today. What are your favorite MAC eyeshadow palettes and or colors? I would love to hear your thoughts.




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