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E Salon, an award winning hair color and hair care brand that has revolutionized the DIY hair color experience, recently won the Allure Best of Beauty Award for Best Single Process Home Color for the second consecutive year. The Allure Best of Beauty Award is one of the most coveted awards in the beauty industry, given only to brands and products that are deemed truly innovative and effective.  

What makes eSalon special in the giant industry we call hair care? It is the only company in the industry to give consumers access to custom, salon-quality hair color for at-home use. Here’s how it works. First, customers start with an e-consulation.They create an online hair color profile and they are guided through a simple  interactive questionnaire to create the ideal shade with the help of an expert colorist. eSalon then bottles each custom-blended, professional quality hair color and sends the formula, complete with hair coloring tools, directly to each client. I was able to go through this entire process and visited eSalon headquarters recently for a tour of the premises as well as receive a personalized color consultation. Kindly scroll for more details and images.

Step 1

Fill out your personal hair profile. Some of the questions include what is your hair texture, hair length, skin tone, and desired color among others to discover your hair color profile and ideal shade. The questions are very interactive and you have an opportunity to select your ideal color from a range of colors shown online. In addition, you can also upload a current photo in order for your expert colorist to view your current hair color and length. Finally, before completing your personal hair  profile, you have an opportunity to write down any important instructions or notes.

Step 2

Get matched by an expert stylist. A professional licensed colorist will take a look at your profile and create a customized color formulation for you. Your colorist analyzes your answers and creates the perfect formula to reach your desired color. In addition, your colorist will  contact you via telephone or email to clarify any questions and ensure the best possible results. I initially included a note in my profile about getting rid of the brassiness and orange tones in my hair and received an email promptly shortly thereafter regarding my concerns. 

Step 3

Enjoy a personally custom blended package sent directly to you with personalized instructions included. I was able to witness this process first hand while taking a tour of E Salon headquarters. Once in the production area, a label is printed with your name on it, along with the date and it is sent to the Love Machine. This Love Machine is amazing. It allows for infinite hair color combinations and custom formulations. Your custom made color is precisely dispensed in a bottle and personalized just for you.  Everything you need to color your hair is packaged carefully into an individualized box before being sent to your door step. 


Once I completed the tour, I sat down with the lovely Estelle Baumhauer, E Salon’s Color Director, for a personal color consultation. I spoke to her at length about my hair color history and my concerns about getting rid of the orange and brassy tones in my hair from multiple dye jobs and frequent trips to the pool which had caused the brassiness to take root to some degree. She listened carefully to my concerns and developed a custom formula for me to get rid of the orange tones.I felt complete confidence in her as she explained the color formulation she would use and we even walked over to the production area to watch my custom blended bottle get personally dispensed from the Love Machine. 

After color. My hair in natural sunlight.
After color. My hair in natural sunlight.
After color. My hair indoors.
After color. My hair indoors.

I was very pleased with the results of my hair. The orange and brassy tones are gone. In its place is healthier, shinier hair. Estelle also placed some strategic highlights throughout my hair and before sending me home, she provided me with a few hair products*  to help me maintain the color’s longevity. 

The items all work very well with my naturally thick and coarse hair. I especially love the Devoted to Hue professional grade mask which I use once a week.The mask is blue and helps to neutralize blond tones. It deposits ultra-rich pigments to renew, and correct my color and it helps to refresh my salon color. Another product that I’m currently enamored with is the Feelin’ Smoothie Anti-Hair Serum. It helps to minimize frizz and imparts a healthy shine. According to the product description, it contains Provitamin B5  and Hydrolyzed Silk Proteins to bind water for increased hydration. An added bonus is that all the products smell amazingly great. 

I was thoroughly impressed with my entire experience with eSalon. eSalon is currently the only brand delivering premium, customized, individually made-to-order at-home hair color and hair care products at an incredible value.  All the products that I used were individually tailored recommendations that specifically matched my hair care needs. I was able to witness first hand the personalized matches for hundreds of clients as I took a tour of eSalon headquarters. Premium professional grade salon ingredients at a fraction of the price to use in the convenience of your home? What an exceptionally innovative idea. eSalon certainly deserves the accolades as a recipient of Allure’s Best of Beauty Award. I look forward to using their products in the near future. 

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*This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.


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