Top Ten Skincare Ingredients

 You’re walking into your local beauty destination. You’ve started to notice a bit of discoloration on your cheeks and you’re experiencing some minor breakouts that have left you feeling pretty despondent. You’re hoping to find something to make it go away and will target and address your skin concerns. You read somewhere that Vitamin C is beneficial for skin, but you’re not exactly sure why. 

Does this scenario sound familiar? At one point or another, you have probably experienced some variation of the aforementioned scenario.  Today I wanted to share with you the Top 10 ingredients found in skincare. I am not a skincare expert, nor am I an esthetician. However, I have benefitted from a wealth of hands on training while working in the beauty industry over the years. I worked at the very first ULTA location to open in California several years ago. In addition, I also worked as a product consultant at Sephora for nearly five years. The experience and training I received has helped to inform my decisions and I hope to pass a bit of this knowledge along. Besides, sharing is caring. Today I wanted to share the most common ingredients found in skincare. The foundation of beautiful, healthy skin starts with establishing a great skincare routine. I hope that you will find this helpful and useful. Please keep in mind that if you are experiencing a specific skin concern, it is best that you consult a professional such as a dermatologist. Here’s a chart I created for your reference. Kindly scroll below. 

There are some  very important questions that you can consider when you are shopping for a skincare item.  What is my skin type? What am I currently using and why?  What results do I want to achieve? This can help you to narrow down your focus. Also, do not be afraid to ask for a sample. Though it is often hard to see whether a product is truly effective with a small sample,  you can, at the very least, get an immediate idea of how it will react to your skin. You can also have an idea of whether or not it is something that you can envision incorporating into your day- to- day skin routine. If you are interested in some items used in my skincare routine, you can find it here.

On a more personal note, aside from beauty, education is another passion of mine. One of my primary day-to-day responsibilities is helping to increase my students’ literacy so that they will have the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in the 21st century. I have come to realize that  we are all digital natives that can find information with a click of a mouse. As such, I would like to  create and share content that I think can be useful, informative and valuable in this way. In fact, my very first blog post was on the importance of sunscreen for that reason. You can expect to find some more of these educationally inspired posts from time to time. 

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