Makeup Forever Lip Fever Passion Pink Collection: Artist Acrylip, Artist Lip Blush, Artist Lip Balm

Makeup Forever recently released their Lip Fever Passion Pink Collection, a set of limited edition lip colors in three different textures. I recently attended the Makeup Show Los Angeles, you can read all about it here and to my delight, the collection was available for purchase and generously discounted at the Pro price. One color that I love to wear in the Spring is different variations of the color pink. It’s such a fun color to wear and I always find it an instant pick-me-upper. I picked up all three items from the collection to share with you today. 

The collection comes in three different textures and variations of pink in the form of a lip balm, lip blush and lip paint, appropriately named the Artist Acrylip. Each is sold separately. 

Artist Acyrlip #922- Electric Fushsia

“Artist Acrylip is inspired by the rich, intense acrylip paints used by artists. This high-pigment formula covers with intense liquid color that leaves lips with weightless shine.” -via 

The Artist Lip Balm and Artist Lip Blush come packaged in a thick and sizable lip crayon complete with a colored cap to match. 

 Artist Lip Balm #920 – Flushed Cherry 

“Artist Lip Balm is inspired by the nourishing care of lip balm, this triple-benefit formula adds comfort, color, and shine to lips with a sheer, lightweight finish.” via 

Artist Lip Blush #921 – Exalted Rosewood

“Artist Lip Blush is inspired by the soft finish of powder blush. It glides on to leave lips blushing with a velvet, matte finish that is long lasting and comfortable. ” via

The texture of both lip pencils feel incredibly lightweight and glide easily on the lips. The pointed tip makes it easy to apply with precision. I particularly like the way the Artist Lip Balm leaves a healthy flush of pink on my lips complete with a high shine finish. While the Artist Lip Balm has the most emollient texture of the three, the other two lip products in the collection wore quite comfortably. I am impressed with the color pigmentation of all three. I would describe the Artist Lip Blush as more of a beautiful, soft mauvy-toned pink. It provides a soft, matte finish that is effortlessly pretty. As for the Artist Acrylip, this stunning shade is the boldest pink of the three, yet very wearable. It’s a very highly pigmented formula that truly saturates your lip with intense color payoff. The short doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply the Acrylip with precision. You get bold, beautiful color in one swipe. Swatches to follow below. 

L-R: Artist Acrylip in Electric Fuschia, Lip Blush in Exalted Rosewood, Artist Lip Balm in Flushed Cherry
L-R: Artist Acrylip in Electric Fuschia, Lip Blush in Exalted Rosewood, Artist Lip Balm in Flushed Cherry

This was a fun collection to play with. It features three variations of pink complete with three different textures to suit your preference whether you like a more natural flush of pink on the lips or you like to completely saturate your lips with bold, uninhibited color. Makeup Forever’s Lip Fever Passion Pink Collection seemingly has a pink for everyone whether you like it sheer, matte or glossy. I look forward to putting these items in my rotation.

They are sold separately and can be purchased from Makeup Forever’s official website, which you can find here, or online at Sephora. (Not affiliate links)

Which one is your kind of pink? Thank you for stopping by today. 




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