Say Hello To Sexy Legs

The popular contour and highlighting trend has hit the beauty industry by storm as evidenced by all releases of late and today I’ll be sharing about a brand that has released a unique range of products not tailored for your face, but for your LEGS! I recently received a bronzer, highlighter and contour stick from the brand Say Hello to Sexy Legs to try. I had never heard of such a thing so I was very curious to put it to the test. 

First up is the *Tinted Glow Gel, $38. According to the Sephora website the gel is designed to deliver an instant, natural, looking bronze glow without the need for a self tanner.  It also claims to moisturize and soften the skin while reducing the look of imperfections. Additionally, its formulated with green tea to help correct the appearance of cellulite. This gel is very lightweight and non sticky and I have found that it doesn’t have an unpleasant self tanner smell. It absorbs quickly and imparts a nice radiant bronze shimmer on my legs and on my arms.  The description also mentions you can use it on your décolletage though I have not yet tried this. After applying product and letting it dry for a five minutes, I found that it did not transfer on to my clothes which is a huge plus. I tend to tan very easily and the Tinted Gel provided a beautiful bronzy glow on my skin with a slightly shimmery finish. I think this product would work for someone who wants an immediate glow without the fuss of a tanning booth or spray tan. Two words: Quick and Easy. 


Next up is the *Illuminating Fluid, $38.  The fluid is described as a lightweight, transfer-resistant highlighting cream with a splash of shimmering pearls to illuminate the legs. It’s also formulated with caffeine and green tea just as the Tinted Glow Gel. It features a pump top and when I immediately swatched it onto my skin, I ooohed and aaahed at how intensely gorgeous it was. It contains both silver and gold tone pigments which I think could work on both warm and cool skin tones. I felt inclined to try this product on my face and body first and that’s what I did. I applied it to the bridge of my nose, the high points of my cheekbones, my shoulders and even decolletage. It’s simply gorgeous! I finally applied  it down the center of my legs. It imparts such a luminous sheen though I have to be honest and admit that I would most likely use this product for my face and upper body rather than my legs. This is the kind of product that I envision would be perfect to get your legs photoshoot ready but not an everyday kind of thing. 

 Finally, The last product I tried is the *Contour Stick, $21. It’s described as a portable and easy to use contour stick to define and reshape the appearance of legs. It has a lightweight texture that feels creamy and it’s easy to blend. I have seen video clips of people contouring their bodies by using makeup and have always been in awe of the final results they created. I attempted to use the stick to define and sculpt my legs and did this work for me? Not so much. I will admit that I am reasonably good at contouring and sculpting my face but I had a hard time figuring out how to contour my legs. I would prefer to just use steps 1 and 2, which are the Tinted Glow Gels and the Illuminating Fluid. 

Swathes Top to Bottom: Illuminating Fluid, Tinted Glow Gel, Coutour Stick
Swathes Top to Bottom: Illuminating Fluid, Tinted Glow Gel, Coutour Stick

Overall, I think the products are a great alternative to tanning salons or booths. They are reasonably priced and versatile enough to use in many ways not only for your legs but for the rest of your body. I am very impressed with the Illuminator Fluid. I haven’t seen any product quite like it and the finish it imparts is simply gorgeous. 

Have you tried any of these products?  These products are currently available at Sephora which you can find here. 

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*These products were kindly provided for consideration. All opinions are honest and expressly my own. 


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