Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Cream Lipstain Review: No. 401 Rouge Vinyl & No.410 Fuchsia Live

There is a lot in store for YSL Beauty this upcoming Fall/Holiday Season. Many exciting new launches are already surfacing online and in stores —YSL Couture Star Clash Edition, anyone?–that will keep me coming back for more. One exciting launch for Fall 2016 is the addition of their newly released YSL Vinyl Cream Lipstains. There are a total of 12 shades available and I picked up two to share with you today.

Official details courtesy of YSL:

High coverage liquid lip color with ultimate shine, comfort, and all day wear. Vinyl Cream dresses lips in full coverage color and high-impact vinyl shine. The diamond shaped applicator allows for perfect lip contouring and color glides on evenly in just one stroke. The creamy formula provides 10 hour wear and all day comfort so lips look and feel beautiful.

I picked up two shades: No. 401 Rouge Vinyl and No. 410 Fuchsia Live. They are described as a mash up of a lip stain, a lipstick, and a lip cream coming in a variety of colors to suit your preference, from a bold red, to a hot pink, to a muted rose. 

Let’s first talk packaging. The Lip Cream Vinyls are dressed up in luxe black and gold packaging that just takes it up to a whole ‘nother level! I am always blown away by the incredibly gorgeous packaging and presentation of YSL products and this one is no exception. Pictured above is the ever elusive YSL Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation which I am currently testing. It is not yet available in the US, but I felt so intrigued by this new launch that I received the assistance of a friend to help me purchase it and send it over from the UK. 

The applicator wand is inspired by a slim-cut diamond. The pointed tip I’ve found helps to provide precision when applying and helps the color to glide on smoothy and quite effortlessly. 

You may be wondering about the differences and/or similarities between the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy stains and the new YSL Vinyl lip creams. The packaging and design is very similar and they are housed in a rectangular shaped tube with a clear window that showcases the color within. While the Glossy Stains are packaged in black packaging with a gold top featuring a red YSL insignia, the Vinyl Creams in contrast, are housed in tubes that are entirely black featuring a gold YSL insignia.

Another noticeable difference is the applicator wand. Although they look very similar upon first glance, you can see the difference once you place them side to side. The Vinyl lip creams have a more pointed and slim design, while the Glossy Stain applicator is wider and fuzzier, for a lack of a better word. In terms of formula, it is very similar. When applied on the lips, they both leave a beautiful stain. While the Glossy stains appear to be more sheer and shiny, the Vinyl Creams appear more opaque, creamy and less shiny.  You get gorgeous color payoff with one swipe of the Vinyl lip creams though you can layer it and build it to your desired intensity. Think of applying the product like you would with nail polish, one layer that you let set for maybe 30-60 seconds before applying a second. I have found that this method works best. I was able to achieve a good six hours of wear with minimal transferring while eating and drinking. It simply looks gorgeous on! 

YSL Vinyl Cream No. 410 Fuchsia Live is a brightly colored medium fuchsia that is a perfect pop of color for the Spring and Summer months.

YSL Vinyl Cream No. 401 Red Vinyl is the stand out red shade that I think is a universally appealing and flattering red that would work on just about anyone. Swatches of both to follow below. 

L-R; Vinyl Lip Cream #401 (Rouge Vinyl) and Lip Cream #410 (Fuchsia Live)

Top: Rouge Vinyl

Bottom: Fuchsia Live

Bottom line, I am quite impressed with the release of the the new YSL Vinyl Cream Lipstains.  They are long lasting, beautifully pigmented, leaving my lips saturated in a cloak of color that takes my lips center stage. 

The YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stains are now available at Nordstrom, Sephora, and The YSL Beauty website and retail for $36 USD. 

Are you planning on picking this up?

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