Sunday Skincare featuring Algenist Beauty

Happy Skincare Sunday! I recently received the most amazing package from Algenist Beauty, a skincare brand that offers a comprehensive range of anti-aging treatments which have been formulated with their star patented ingredient: Alguronic Acid and/or Microalgae Oil. I have been a fan of their products since they launched in 2011. You can read my review of their Best of Algenist Collection here, and today I wanted to do a Sunday Skincare feature spotlighting the brand and the products I recently received. The package came in the most amazing surprise beauty box, which revealed a huge balloon created by Haus of Hooray upon opening. It was such an adorable touch that I truly appreciated.  

Before I begin, however, I’d like to share the story behind the brand. As the story goes, a group of biotechnology scientists from San Francisco were researching microalgae for renewable energy solutions when they unexpectedly discovered Alguronic Acid, a powerful compound  responsible for regenerating and protecting the microalgae cell. Figuring that they were onto something, they successfully isolated and extracted Microalgae Oil, and Algenist was born.


First Up is their Complete Eye Renewal Balm, $68 I have used this Eye Balm along with their Genius Ultimate Anti-aging Eye Cream in my rotation for several years now and I can attest to the performance of this eye cream. The first signs of aging appear in the delicate eye area so I am very diligent about treating my under eye area religiously. I have found that my under eye area feels visibly smooth and refreshed after continued use of the cream. Now that I’m in my mid thirties, I’m happy to say that I do not yet have crows feet. It’s a great preventative and treatment measure that I would wholeheartedly recommend that you try. It also works well after using concealer on top. It absorbs into my skin nicely and does not make my concealer application slide or skip.

Find out more product details on their official site here. 


Next up is their REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops, $38 in the color green which helps to address complexion concerns in the area of redness. These drops contain green microalgae and pigments that work in synergy to color correct and neutralize redness. Algenist currently has four offerings available to address specific complexion concerns. You can find more details and swatches of all four drops on a previous blog post, written here.

Next up is their Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream, $75  which contains a powerful formula combining their patented Alguronic Acid along with plant based collagen to help restore skin resiliency and elasticity. I look forward to putting this in my rotation.  You can find more details of the product here. 

I also received their Retinol Firming and Lifting Serum, $102 This product I’m most excited to try.  If you don’t know what Retinol is, it is an ingredient that helps to increase cell turnover, remove expired skin cells, and help with skin texture. According to details on their site, this serum is gentle enough to use everyday and helps to firm and lift the skin while restoring elasticity.  

Finally, I received their Power Advanced Wrinkle Fighter Serum, $105 which is described as an advanced anti-aging serum formulated with their patented ingredient, Alguronic Acid along with a peptide 3D Complex to address the first signs of aging. What are peptides? They help to plump and firm the skin. This serum is meant to be used as a preventative measure, helping to prevent and fight the early onset of wrinkles. 

Now If you are looking for hydration for your skin, Algenist has a new range, called their SPLASH Collection, which focuses on helping to pump hydration and energizing electrolytes into skin, helping to lock in moisture. Think of it like a “sports drink for your skin.”  You can find more details on my previous review here. 

Finally, they also recently ventured into the area of makeup, and have a range of offerings now available that is equal parts anti-aging skincare and skin-perfecting makeup. You can find my review and swatches here if you are interested.

I hope you enjoyed my Sunday skincare spotlight on the range of offerings Algenist Beauty has available. I am so excited to put my newest additions to use. If you are looking for a range of rejuvenating and preventative skincare that will help to address the very first signs of aging, I would recommend you take a look at the comprehensive range of creams, serums, moisturizers, and makeup Algenist Beauty has to offer. You can visit their official website here.

Thank you for stopping by today! Enjoy your weekend. 


*These products were generously provided for my review and consideration. Links are unaffiliated, opinions are honest and expressly my own.



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