Armani Prima: Smart Moisture Serum and Nourishing Glow Enhancer Oil-in-Gel Review

Giorgio Armani Beauty has extended their range of Armani Prima products to include two new additions that I will be sharing with you today–the Armani Prima Smart Moisture Serum* and the Nourishing Glow Enhancer Oil-in-Gel*. If you are not familiar with the line, it is designed to not only help improve skin quality but to also keep the glow of freshly applied makeup through out the day. I’ve used both products in my rotation for about three weeks now and today I’ll have my overall results and experience to share with you. 

Smart Moisture Serum

 First up is the targeted Smart Moisture Serum, $100. It’s specially developed to deliver hydration and radiance, containing Hyaluronic to keep dry, parched skin at  bay.

“The SMART MOISTURE SERUM delivers a targeted concentration of moisture to the different areas of the face, depending on their needs, for skin that feels comfortable all day long. Its fresh formula contains hyaluronic acid and crimson sea weed, resulting in skin that is luminous and steeped in moisture. Rapidly absorbed, the incredibly lightweight texture leaves a bare-skin sensation and makes skin the ideal canvas for easy application of makeup that lasts all day.”

Similarly packaged with a dropper applicator much like their Maestro Glow foundation, this lightweight serum absorbs easily, providing a veil of hydration that lasts throughout the day.   I use one drop of the serum prior to makeup application.  Not only does it prepare my face for the smooth application of makeup to follow, it also helps to provide a dewy base that results in a beautifully luminous complexion as it claims. If you have dry skin, this serum would work wonderfully thanks to the cellular hydrocaptors in the formula which hold more water molecules in the areas of the face that need it most. On my normal skin type, my face feels beautifully smooth and supple and my makeup stays fresh throughout the day. 



Now if your skin needs a little more intense nourishment, the Armani Prima Nourishing Glow Enhancer Oil-in-Gel, $110 would perhaps work for you. It’s formulated with an innovate formula to promote skin hydration and comfort.

“Give the skin intense nourishment and a natural glow with this Nourishing Glow Enhancer Oil-In-Gel. Enriched with biomimetic phospholipids, active ingredients that promote lipid synthesis while strengthening the cutaneous barrier, and with meadowfoam seed oil, known for its moisturizing and emollient properties, this emulsion provides even the driest skin with nourishment and comfort.”

While the Moisture serum feels more lightweight, the texture of the Oil in Gel feels a bit more substantive, and the gel absorbs nicely, without a thick nor heavy greasy feel. I massage about one pump on my face prior to the application of makeup. It helps to provide the desired hydration as described, however, I preferred using  the Armani Smart Serum during the day and the Nourishing Glow Enhancer Oil in Gel in the evenings. I simply apply one pump all over and wake up to beautifully refreshed, plump and hydrated skin. You can also mix the Nourishing Glow enhancer with your moisturizer. This item would work well in tandem with Armani Prima’s Glow-On Moisturizing Balm.  

During the seasonal transitions, my skin tends to get dry patches, especially during the winter months and these two additions will keep my skin feeling hydrated, smooth, and balanced over the course of the day, while also keeping my makeup at its optimum best. Bottom line, I think these products would work very well for those of you who have a dry to combination skin type. Now that we are in the midst of a transition from summer to Fall, it is a good time to evaluate the products used in your rotation and to find a combination that would best suit your skin needs. I look forward to continuing to use these range of products for optimum hydration and makeup perfection.

The Smart Moisture Serum, $100 and Nourishing Oil in Gel, $110 is now available at Nordstroms  and Bloomingdales. You can also find more information by visiting their official site here or here. 

Thank you for stopping by today beauties. Have you tried anything from the Armani Prima range?



*These products were provided as samples for consideration and review, All opinions are honest and expressly my own.


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