PIXI BEAUTY PIXI PRETTIES Overview & Swatches: It’s Judy Time, Aspyn Ovard, Caroline Hirons, Maryam Maquillage

Pixi Beauty recently launched a new and exciting collaboration with four leading beauty and lifestyle gurus called the Pixipretties Collection.* Each beauty influencer was tasked to  create their “dream” beauty products that not only represent their individual points of view but parallel Pixi’s philosophy of fuss-free in a few minutes. I could not contain my excitement upon opening the box and I am thrilled to be sharing photos, details and swatches for you today. I hope that those of you who do not have Pixi Beauty products readily available at your local Target will find this helpful. All the items from the #Pixipretties collection is limited edition, so I would act fast!


Vlogger Judy Travis created a set of two palettes for the eyes and lips. Priced at $24 each and aptly named It’s Lip Time and It’s Eye Time, the palettes contain 12 shades of very wearable shades for the eyes and lips that can take you from day to night. The palettes also come with a detached mirror for placement. I’m partial to warm neutral shades and this palette contains that and so much more. You also get your deeper and darker tones to transition into the evening. I find the shades to blend and perform beautifully, and I can also use my finger directly to pack the color onto the lid. 

With the lip palette, you have so many endless possibilities. the colors contained within are universally flattering. You can wear each shade solo, mix it, or layer it to create your own custom shade. They are creamy, and pigmented and though you can use your finger to pack on the shade, I prefer using a small lip brush for precision.

Swatches of the It's Eye Time Palette
Swatches of the It’s Eye Time Palette
Swatches of the It's Lip Time Palette
Swatches of the It’s Lip Time Palette


This collection features a set of 3 Glow-y powders, $16 each, as well as two eye accents to complete the look. It consists of two highlighters in the colors London Lustre and Santorini Sunset and cheek powder (blush) in the shade Rome Rose. The highlighters are soft and subtle and provide touch of luminosity wherever desired—the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the cupid’s bow, etc. They are described as glow-y powders and they are glow-y powders indeed. The blush appears more like a light pink highlighter on my medium golden skin tone than that of a blush and though I think it’s a pretty color, I suspect it would appear more like a blush rather than a highlight on fair to light skinned ladies. Overall, these glow-y powders are very pretty and the pans are quite large!

Swatches L-R: London Lustre, Santorini Sunset, Rome Rose (Blush)
Swatches L-R: London Lustre, Santorini Sunset, Rome Rose (Blush)


I was truly excited about receiving this! Some of my fellow blogger friends, Cat from DailyCatsLiving, say hi here, and Mika from Hellohimawarii, say hello here, have been raving about it. Double cleansing is a process that has done wonders for my skin, I have discussed the importance of double cleansing previously on a blog post written here. Caroline Hirons is a british beauty blogger and aesthetician that created this 2-in-1 cleanser to make the process easy. The Double Cleanse is priced at $24 each. One side contains a cleansing oil to effectively remove makeup and traces of sunscreen while the other side contains a cleansing cream. It makes for a very effortless and effective combo. It’s recommend to use the product at night to remove all traces of makeup and get your skin prepped and ready for your skin care regimen that follows. It also contains a host of good for you skin ingredients such as Vitamin E, Camellia oil, Vitamin C, and Evening Primrose Oil. First impressions are good and I hope to have a full review up at a later time. 


You may have seen or watched one of Maryam Maquillage’s Instagram video clips in which she shows how to expertly apply makeup. She seriously has the most beautiful cheekbones that are always perfectly defined and sculpted. Her collaboration with Pixi contains two palettes, $20 each, along with a nifty dual ended brush, $14 for application. The first palette is the Strobe & Sculpt palette which contains 3 highlight and contour shades for refined lighting and defined shading. These are sheer yet buildable mineral powders that feel quite silky to the touch. The palette contains a mix of shades that are versatile to use for both sculpting and highlighting. I find that the colors complement my medium golden NW35 skin well, and doesn’t look muddy or gray when applied.

The second palette is the called the Strobe & Bronze palette which contains 3 highlight and 3 bronze shades for natural lighting and sunkissed warmth. The shade range appears to be deeper of the two and I suspect that the deeper shades may be a tad bit too dark for fair skinned ladies, however it can always double up and be used to define the eyes and brows. The deeper shades would also work well to further contour and define the jawline, and is just as versatile as the first palette. The powders blend beautifully using the Strobe & Sculpt brush. It’s a super soft dual synthetic fiber brush that has a tapered end on one side for highlighting and strobing while the other has flat edge for buffing and bronzing. 

Swatches of the Strobe & Bronze Palette
Swatches of the Strobe & Bronze Palette
Swatches of the Strobe & Sculpt Palette
Swatches of the Strobe & Sculpt Palette

I am truly enamored with this collection. With a range of products for the skin, the eyes, face and lips, there is something for everyone to love.

The #pixipretties collection is now available on Pixibeauty.com and at select Target locations.

Which items speak to you the most? Will you be picking this up?



*Thank you Pixibeauty for providing these samples to share with my readers. All links are unaffiliated and all opinions are honest and expressly my own. 


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