KKW X Kylie Cosmetics Swatches and First Impressions: Kimberly, Kiki, Kim, Kimmie

It was bound to happen. Kylie Cosmetics finally released a liquid lipstick collaboration with no other than Kim Kardashian. I have not purchased anything from Kylie Cosmetics for a while. Frankly, attempting to purchase items that almost always disappeared from my cart during checkout was not worth the headache. It was a completely different story, however, when images of this collaboration surfaced. Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, you cannot deny that her makeup is virtually flawless. I have always admired how beautifully she could pull off any look, whether it be soft and natural or full out glam. I worked at Sephora for nearly 5 years and one thing that customers always requested was a lipstick that looked like Kim Kardashian’s. I remember reading once that her go to lipgloss was NARS’ Turkish Delight and that was my go to recommendation for many years. Alas, she has finally released a collection of four gorgeous shades of nudes for the neutral lip lover. Read below for more images, swatches and my first impressions. 

Let’s first discuss packaging. How adorable it the pastel pink frosted packaging? Completely Instagram worthy and though the the shades look very similar judging from the packaging on the outside, they are all distinctly different on the inside. Each shade is named after a variation of her name. 

Kimberly-Peachy Beige nude 

Kiki-Warm Rosy nude

Kim-Coral Peach Nude

Kimmie-Peach Nude

The formula is a Creme Liquid Lipstick so it’s a departure from the matte liquid lipsticks in most shades in the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick formula, I previously reviewed the Dolce K matte liquid lipstick here. The Creme Liquid lipsticks in this collection glide on beautifully and do not dry down completely as most liquid lipsticks since it’s a creme formula. Hence, it will transfer and will need to be reapplied after eating/ and or drinking.  It produces a gloss like shiny finish which I do very much enjoy, however I wish at least one of the shades was in the matte liquid lipstick formula as I am matte lipstick kind of girl. 

First impressions are good. I am enjoying the shade range and formula overall and I look forward to putting this in my rotation. I also think that the price point– $45 for a set of four liquid lipsticks was very reasonable as most liquid lipsticks retail for $16-$20 per shade.

The KKW x Kylie Collection is limited edition. In the past, Kylie Cosmetics has brought back a restock of their popular collections, so keep your eyes peeled if you didn’t have a chance to purchase one initially. You can sign up on their website to get notifications. 

Is this set on your radar? 


P.S. There is a current Instagram giveaway for this set on my page. 



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