Tom Ford Private Shadow Review & Swatches: Agenda Rouge, Iris Bronze, Tempete Blue, Warm Leatherette, Emerald Sun

Tom Ford Private Eyehadow collection review and swatches

Today I will be sharing images, swatches and my thoughts on the new Tom Ford Private Shadows. I picked them up earlier this month and have been playing with them ever since. I have fallen a little behind on the blog.  Family oriented events and all the things that come with the holiday season has preoccupied a lot of my time, but I do hope to get right on track very soon.

Tom Ford Private Shadows Review and Swatches

The new Tom Ford Private Eyeshadows , $36, come in a wardrobe of thirty shades and feature five distinct finishes—matte, satin, shimmer, glitter, and metallic.  Each shadow is encased in a luxurious, clutch-sized mirrored compact. Be prepared. It is tiny. Think about it as the size of a tiny piece of chocolate bar… so decadent, so rich. It will probably leave you wanting more, and if you’re like me, you’ll justify buying it because, after all,  ‘you work so hard’ and you should  #treatyourself  At least every once in a while, am I right? 😉

 Tom Ford Private Eyehadow collection review and swatches
Warm Leatherette: metallic bronze (metallic finish)
 Tom Ford Private Eyeshadow collection review and swatches
Agenda Rouge: Red Burgundy (Shimmer finish)
 Tom Ford Private Eyeshadow collection review and swatches
Iris Bronze: Golden bronze(satin finish)
Emerald Sun: iridescent green (glitter finish)
 Tom Ford Private Eyeshadow collection review and swatches
Tempete Bleu: iridescent blue (glitter finish)
 Tom Ford Private Eyeshadow collection review and swatches

I wanted to select a stand out shade from each finish and decided on these.  I found that some shades were more pigmented than others. Agenda Rouge is my favorite. The color is phenomenally pigmented and the texture is smooth and creamy. On the other hand, I decided that I could forgo the color Iris Bronze. It didn’t translate well on my eyes and I found that my Naked 3 palette had a similar color in the shade Liar. This one will be going back. Warm Leatherette is a beautiful wash of everyday color on my lids. It’s one of those tones that is beautiful worn alone or as an accent shade. In terms of the glitter finishes both shadows  are simply stunning! The image above does not give it any justice. I also found that the glitter formula is not too over the top. Applying it with my finger was better than applying with a brush. There is minimal fall out and the shadows stayed put throughout the day.

Tom Ford Private Eyeshadow Collection |

Overall, I think there’s a really diverse range in shades that you will find to your liking. They perform well overall and are such luxurious clutch size eyeshadows. The only deterrent is the whopping price of $36. This is not a must have, however if you are a Tom Ford Beauty fan and you like a bit of luxury, this is worth exploring.

The Tom Ford Private Eyeshadows are available at Nordstrom, Sephora, Bloomingdales, Saks and


Are these on your radar?



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