MAC Jeremy Scott Collection

MAC Jeremy Scott Collection Review Swatches

MAC Cosmetics teamed up with fashion designer Jeremy Scott to create a collection of  hi-fi, vibrant hues inspired by the days of mixtapes and boomboxes. The MAC x Jeremy Scott Collection is reminiscent of the music era of the 90’s and the packaging for the collection is truly on a whole ‘nother level. Everything has a nice, weighty feel to it whether it’s for the eyes, lips, or face. MAC Jeremy Scott Collection Review Swatches

The collection includes:

Lo Fi Eyeshadow x 29 Palette, $75

Cheek x 3 Acoustica Palette, $35

Lip x 9 Future Emotions Palette, $35

MAC Jeremy Scott Collection Review Swatches

The Lo Fi Shadow Palette comes in the most phenomenal Boom Box packaging along with a sizable mirror. You get 29 limited edition shades with a combination of colors and textures to create a range of looks. A clear plastic insert displays each shade name and the shadows contained within seem to mimic the beats of music. The palette includes textures from lustre to satin and matte to veluxe pearl. Every shade swatched easily & beautifully with the exception of Club New Wave Mix. I found the color to be hard in the pan.Therefore, the swatch did not translate well onto my arms. I haven’t had the opportunity to test every single shade, however I was able to create a cohesive look using a handful of shades within the palette that performed well. One shade that I was blown away by was Electric Eel. It’s a stunning bright blue that is exceptionally pigmented!

MAC Jeremy Scott Collection Review Swatches


  • Ghost Story: Creamy white with icy shimmer (Frost)
  • Morning Ticket: Silver metallic frost (VLXP)
  • US Dance Remix: Frosty cool gunmetal (VLXP)
  • Superior Sound: Soft creamy pink (Frost)
  • Subtly Elegant : Muted pale grey (Matte)
  • Syntheseyes: Pale mint geen (Satin)
  • Happy Song: Bubblegum Pink (Satin)
  • Bonus Track: Warm brown w/silver sparkle (Frost)
  • Oldie But Goodie: Light sea foam (Matte)
  • Lo-Fi: Soft beige with gold shimmer (Satin)
  • Bird’s Eye View : Bright fuchsia pink (Satin)
  • Beautifully Charred : Midtone brown with gold shimmer (Frost)
  • Memories of Space: Bright true yellow (Matte)
  • Powerful Performance: Aquamarine blue (Satin)
  • She’s A Machine: Lavender with shimmer (Frost)
  • Creative Copper : Peachy gold with shimmer (Lustre)
  • Endless Frequency: Midtone peach (Matte)
  • Walking Heartbeats: Midtone red (Matte)
  • Raven Eyed : True black (Matte)
  • Remixology: Muted lime green (Matte)
  • At The Turntable: Sky Blue (Matte)
  • Jam Session: Bright lilac (Satin)
  • Bite The Beat: Midtone warm brown (Matte)
  • Disco Therapy: Bright muted orange (Matte)
  • Vacation Speed Zone: Deep plum with red pearl (VLXP)
  • Video Emotions: Black purple (Matte)
  • Beatallica: Deep forest green (Matte)
  • Electric Eel : Bright blue w/shimmer (Satin)
  • Club New Wave Mix: Bright violet purple (Matte)

MAC Jeremy Scott Palette Swatches

MAC Jeremy Scott Collection Swatches and review

MAC Jeremy Scott Lo Fi Palette Swatches

MAC Jeremy Scott Collection Review Swatches

Up next is the Future Emotions Lip Palette that is housed in a classic cassette tape with the words Bumpin’ Jamz etched on the front. It features 9 mostly never before seen shades with the exception of Morange and Violetta. I like that there is a good mix of both matte and amplified shades that give you several options ranging from neutrals to brights and bolds. This is one palette that you can really play around with to create your own custom shade. Although I’m not a huge lip palette person, this palette is so compact and easy to take on-the-go.

MAC Jeremy Scott Collection Review Swatches


  • Violetta : Bright cool purple (Amplified)
  • Digging It : Deep dustry brown (Matte)
  • Carmine Rouge : Cool deep red (Matte)
  • Breathing Fire : Bright warm pink (Matte)
  • Night Club School: Deep wine (Amplified)
  • Morange : Loudmouth orange (Amplified)
  • Happy Song: Midtone rosy pink (Matte)
  • Living In Stereo: Warm nude (Matte)
  • Wild Memories: Warm Intense Red (Matte)

MAC Jeremy Scott Future Emotions Lip Palette Swatches

MAC Jeremy Scott Collection Review Swatches

Last but not least, the Acoustica Cheek x 3 Palette is a trio that contains a highlighter, blush, and bronzer. It’s housed in a CD mixtape that is titled Cheeky Vol. 1 Mixtape. The design of the palette stays within the collection’s theme of beats and music and you get three different pan sizes that reflect that.

Shade Description:

  • Heaven In Your Smile: Pale frosty highlight (Frost)
  • Acoustica: Warm brown (Matte)
  • Wall of Desire: Midtone pink (Satin)

MAC Jeremy Scott Acoustica Swatches

I found all three shades to be smooth and pigmented. The matte brown bronzer shade appeared to be too light initially. It seemed to disappear into my skin when swatched. (I suspect that it might work better for those with fair to medium skin tones) However, when using it on my face it was a different story. It gave my face warmth and depth where needed. The other two shades also worked well with my skin.

Bottom line, the MAC x Jeremy Scott Collection is a makeup collector’s dream. The packaging is truly phenomenal and reflects the creativity and artistry that takes place when makeup & fashion collide. My favorites are the cheek and lip palettes; it takes me back to a feeling of nostalgia and feel good vibes.  Needless to say, this is one collection I’ll never part with.

Which item is calling out to you?

The MAC x Jeremy Scott Collection is available now online and at select MAC locations. You can also find it at Nordstrom, Ulta, and Macy’s  



*These products were sent complimentary for review. All opinions are honest and expressly my own. Some links are affiliated, read my full disclosure here.



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