Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! I am wishing you all a happy, healthy and  prosperous year ahead. After taking a month off from my blog, I’m back today and will be sharing my 2018 Beauty… View Post

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The start of the holiday season and holiday shopping is now upon us with the start of Black Friday. For many retailers, deals are starting early.Today I’ll be listing the Black Friday/Cyber… View Post

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The Sephora Holiday Bonus Beauty Event   for VIB  Members has begun! In the next few weeks, Sephora Beauty Insider Members will be able to shop the event on different weekends. You will be able to… View Post

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The Sephora Holiday Bonus Beauty Event   for Rouge Members has begun! In the next few weeks, Sephora Beauty Insider Members will be able to shop the event on different weekends. You will be able to… View Post

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The latest from Becca Cosmetics is the* Volcano Goddess Collection. It’s a limited edition collection that features smoldering tones for the eyes in 3 different finishes and complementary shades for the lips and face. Inspired by unearthed… View Post

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Fall is officially here. With it comes pumpkin spice lattes, cinnamon bread and of course, wearing my favorite fall shades on the makeup front. Along with the start of Fall also comes a host of new beauty… View Post

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Today’s post will feature two recently launched Becca products: The Becca Be a Light Face Palettes & the Chrissy Teigen Endless Bronze & Glow limited edition compact, which is one product from her second collaboration… View Post

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I have loved the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighters for years now! I was first introduced to the brand while working at Sephora many years ago. The shade Opal was a huge best seller,… View Post

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  Now available online and launching May 11th in stores is Becca Cosmetics’ new Glow Lip Gloss. There are ten beautiful shades available, all inspired by Becca’s bestselling Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighters and Luminous blushes.… View Post

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Becca Cosmetics released a limited edition collection for Spring & Summer inspired by the multifaceted colors of an abalone shell and lustrous jewels of the ocean. The collection includes the Ocean Jewels Eyeshadow Palette, Ocean Jewels… View Post

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Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! I cannot believe that it’s the beginning of 2018. I am wishing you all a happy, healthy and  prosperous year ahead filled with special moments and memories and of course,… View Post

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Becca Cosmetics launched two palettes in their holiday line up. The Apres Ski Glow Collection   includes the Glow Face Palette, $54 and the Eye Lights Palette, $45. Both palettes are limited edition and come… View Post

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  One thing most women yearn to achieve is flawless skin. We all want base products that will help to cover imperfections, smooth out our canvas and provide lasting coverage that stays put throughout the… View Post

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Becca Cosmetics launched their Sunlit Bronzers, $38 recently with a range of 5 shades to suit fair to deep skin tones. I am a huge fan of bronzers whether it be in powder, liquid or cream form so naturally these bronzers piqued my interest and I ordered two shades, Capri Coast and Bronzed Bondi sight unseen from the ULTA website the day they launched.

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Yet another beautiful collaboration from from Becca Cosmetics and YouTube Sensation Jaclyn Hill has hit social media by storm. The #Champagne Glow Collection, which features a limited edition face palette, a limited edition eye palette and three formulas of the Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop is set to launch today on Sephora’s website. I was able to pick up the Champagne Glow Face palette during the exclusive pre-launch last week and today I will be sharing my review and swatches. If you’re wondering whether or not you need this palette, the short answer is yes!

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