KKW X Kylie Cosmetics Swatches and First Impressions: Kimberly, Kiki, Kim, Kimmie

It was bound to happen. Kylie Cosmetics finally released a liquid lipstick collaboration with no other than Kim Kardashian. I have not purchased anything from Kylie Cosmetics for a while. Frankly, attempting to purchase items that almost always disappeared from my cart during checkout was not worth the headache. It was a completely different story, however, when images of this collaboration surfaced. Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, you cannot deny that her makeup is virtually flawless. I have always admired how beautifully she could pull off any look, whether it be soft and natural or full out glam. I worked at Sephora for nearly 5 years and one thing that customers always requested was a lipstick that looked like Kim Kardashian’s. I remember reading once that her go to lipgloss was NARS’ Turkish Delight and that was my go to recommendation for many years. Alas, she has finally released a collection of four gorgeous shades of nudes for the neutral lip lover. Read below for more images, swatches and my first impressions.