Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Tint-in-Oil: Cherry My Cherie, Peach Me Love, Oh My Gold Review and Swatches

So I’m not really a lip tint kind of gal. I prefer to wear colors in richly pigmented shades and I’ll admit I’m definitely partial to matte, opaque shades over sheer, translucent ones. Recently, as I was sorting and organizing my makeup stash which is routinely customary for makeup junkies like myself, I rediscovered my YSL Volupte Tint-in Oil ($32) in one of my Muji drawers. I was gifted the YSL Care and Shine Set in late October last year as a birthday gift. Sometimes I think we get so caught up and focused on buying new products and seeing what’s new that we tend to forget or neglect the items that we already have. I’ll admit I am totally and utterly guilty of this. The set includes three of their best sellers, two of which are the Volupte Tint-in Oil and one Volupte Lip Gloss in Rose Jersey, number 2o2 (not pictured) I decided to give it another try last weekend and I was delightfully pleased with it. I think the Tint-in-Oil will be perfect for the transition from winter into Spring.