Kaplan MD Double-Cleansing Kit

Recently, I switched up my night time skincare regimen to include the method of double cleansing, using products from Kaplan MD’s Double Cleansing Kit*. What is Double cleansing? It is two step process and a way to thoroughly cleanse the skin.  By purifying the surface of the skin, it allows you to unclog pores and get rid of any residue left behind. When skin is properly cleansed and detoxified, it leaves a layer of fresh, young skin cells that is ready to absorb the nutrients from moisturizers and serums that follow. I have been putting the items to the test for the past few weeks now and I have some thoughts and first impressions to share with you today. 


Before I begin, however, I’d like to share the story behind the brand. KAPLAN MD is a luxury skincare brand created by Beverly Hills Dermatologist, Stuart Kaplan, M.D.  A world-renowned anti-aging expert for both medical and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Kaplan has spent over 28 years helping his patients achieve beautiful skin. Each product is crafted using the highest quality ingredients, at their highest clinically tested concentrations.  


Kaplan MD’s Double-Cleansing Kit contains 3 items to complete the double-cleansing process, which is priced at $50, a $145 retail value. The items can also be purchased individually.  

 Hydrating Milk Cleanser $35 (11.7 fl oz) This nourishing cream cleanser effectively removes makeup and impurities while quenching skin with hydration. It contains 22 organic extracts, chamomile, lactic acid and soy in addition to their BioFusion-3s which is made of targeted anti-aging ingredients: Alp Rose Stem Cell, Gamay Grape Stem Cell and Swiss Apple Stem cell. 

Hydrating Essence  $95 (4.3 fl oz)   This luxurious beauty oil contains an exclusive blend of 8 essential oils in their purest form to deeply hydrate and nourish the face and body for a soft, supple, and radiant finish. The eight essential oils are: Argan, Acai, Kukui, Grapeseed, Passion Flower, Borage, Vitamin E, and Lavender.

Purifying Foam Cleanser $35 (4.9 fl oz) Gentle, sulfate-free, foaming gel cleanser contains 22 Certified Organic Extracts to remove makeup, dead surface cells, and other impurities that can clog pores and accelerate the aging process. Skin is restored to its natural pH for a soft, clean, and radiantly youthful complexion.


STEP 1: Mix 2-3 pumps of the Hydrating Milk Cleanser with 1-2 drops of the Hydrating Essence, and massage into the skin using firm circular motions for at least one minute. Rinse off with lukewarm water using the special cleansing sponges enclosed in the kit.

STEP 2: Dispense a nickel-size amount of the Purifying Foam Cleanser onto your palms, and work into a foam lather. Apply foam to the skin using gentle circular motions, then rinse away with lukewarm water.

STEP 3: Finish your skincare regimen with toner, serum, and moisturizer to complete the process. 


I have incorporated the double- cleansing method as part of my night time skin routine, which is recommend because it allows for maximum skin rejuvenation during our body’s natural healing cycle. I found that the products were very gentle on my skin and effectively removed all of my makeup, without stripping my skin dry. My skin felt immediately clean, smooth and refreshed after using it. The results have been consistent after using it for the past few weeks. It doesn’t strip away natural oils, and I feel it helps to prepare my skin for the treatments that follow afterwards which includes my serum and moisturizer. I can’t give you a scientifically precise estimate as to how much more effective the double cleansing method is for my skin, but if you were to ask me if I have noticed a difference in how my skin looks and feels in the morning, I would say that it the answer is a definite yes. My skin looks clean, supple, radiant, and well-rested. This two step process does take a little bit more time, but at the end of a long day, I think of it as a nightly skin treat. I know my skin will reap the benefits of all the incremental steps I take today and I will continue incorporating the Kaplan MD’s Double Cleansing kit into my night time skincare rotation. 

The Kaplan MD Double Cleansing kit can be purchased from their website and some of their best sellers can also be found at Sephora. 

Thank you for stopping by today.


*This post featured some products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own.



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