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 As much as I love makeup, skincare is just as important to me. It is the canvas in which you apply your makeup on and it is often times an indicator of your overall age, health and lifestyle. I have recently had a chance to try out some products from the Tula Skincare line. Their products contain probiotic technology, which is a new beauty breakthrough shown to hydrate your skin, even out your skin tone and texture, reduce wrinkles and inflammation just to name a few things. In the same way that a healthy diet nourishes your body, the concept behind the Tula brand is to nourish the skin with nutrients it needs to stay healthy and to help defend it from damage caused by environmental stressors such as air pollution and UV Rays. 

“Probiotics are one of the new beauty breakthroughs shown to help with clearer skin, decreased skin sensitivity, redness, and inflammation”


I recently received 4 new skincare items to try from the Tula line. I have been using their products for about a month now, and today I will be sharing with you my thoughts and first impressions.  

The Hydrating Day and Night Cream* has a wonderfully whipped, lightweight texture that I have found to do what its namesake claims– it helps to keep my skin hydrated all day. I love the clean, fresh scent it imparts. It absorbs easily into my skin. Once absorbed, I apply my primer and makeup and it goes on smoothly without interfering with the formula. The cream is infused with their Probiotic Technology, in addition to plant derived Squalene and extracts from watermelon, lentil, and Avocado oil helping to provide intense hydration in addition to anti-aging benefits.

The Illuminating Face Serum* is another product that I really enjoyed using this past month. I apply it after cleansing my skin, and before applying Tula’s Hydrating Day and Night Cream. It helps to provide a beautiful luminosity and radiance to my skin. I have found that the serum works well when applied overnight. I wake up to skin that looks healthy, glowing and radiant. It contains their signature probiotic technology in addition to a patented blend of citrus extracts and pearlescent pigments to boost dull looking skin.

The Revitalizing Eye Cream* is infused with a combination of peptides and ceramides in addition to grape seed oil, jojoba oil and olive oil squalane to help hydrate around the delicate eye area. It claims to help minimize fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. I have benefited from using it surely. I feel it has helped to de-puff my under eye area after a late night, and I’ve had many of these late nights staying up finishing assignments for my grad classes. It also claims to minimize fine lines though I cannot ascertain whether this benefit has occurred. Fortunately, I do not yet have crows feet and I think this is a great anti-aging and preventative measure.

Finally, the Exfoliating Treatment Mask* has become one of my favorites. This is a dual phase skin mask that provides both a chemical and physical exfoliation. It contains lactic acid to gently peel away dirt while Bentonite Clay and plant-based micro encapsulated beads gently slough off old, dead skin cells. I used the mask about once a week, though it is safe to use it up to two to three times a week. I love the feel of the exfoliating beads when applied to my skin. It helps to slough off all the dead skin cells that sit on the top my skin’s surface. I leave it on for about five minutes before rinsing it off with water. My skin immediately feels smooth, polished and more vibrant after using it. This product is really amazing!

I was very pleased with my first introduction to the Tula Skincare line. I like the concept behind their brand which is to feed your skin by delivering the right ingredients just as you would nourish your body with the right nutrients to stay healthy. The products are also free of parabens, mineral oil,  and petroleum among other harmful ingredients. In sum, what you have here is a line that is very conscious, innovative, effective, and thoughtfully well made. The line is moderately pricy, however, I believe that investing in the right skincare products will provide a multitude of benefits, not only today, but also in the imminent future. 

Thank you for stopping by today. You can find Tula skincare products from their official website here. 

What products are you currently using in your skincare regimen? I would love to know.


*Thank you Tula for providing me with the skincare samples. All opinions are honest and expressly my own. 






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